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Blyth and Marta’s Proposal

“Lesley was incredibly helpful in helping plan my proposal from the UK. She has a sound knowledge of the area and is very well connected with local business which makes for near endless creative opportunities.

She is friendly, professional and wonderful to deal with.

I couldn’t recommend more highly.”

Blyth Pearson


December 2022


Russell and Paihia,

Bay of Islands

Customers Brief

I live in the UK and I am bringing my girlfriend to NZ to spend some time with my family.  While we are here I want to propose to her, but I don’t know where to start, with what’s available.  Can you help me create this special occasion?  My thoughts have been

  • A helicopter flight
  • A boat trip out to one of the Islands with a bit of walking and a swim.  Picnic on the island
  • Collection from the Island to an exclusive spot that I can propose at sunset
  • We are staying at a retreat with my family in the Bay of Islands, so would like private transport back to them to celebrate afterwards

The Outcome

WOW, now this one we needed to have Plan A-E and more.  Unfortunately the weather gods were not on our side for this special occasion, it was the day the cyclone was heading our way. Never fear though, we changed and pivoted and they still had a fantastic experience.

The plan was made over zoom calls. You can plan and I can help from anywhere in the world, that’s the beauty of working with us to take all the stress away

The original plan, all ready to go was:

  • Private Breakfast in a local secret spot, that only us know as locals
  • Private transport to the helicopter pad for an amazing trip to land on the whole in the rock
  • On arrival back to the wharf a boat pickup to go to one of our exclusive islands – Picnic and Champagne packed to enjoy after a walk and a swim
  • A change of clothes packed ready for them to change into, ready and waiting on the boat
  • Land on the beach with remote access to a secluded spot, looking at the sunset ready for the proposal

Being able to have such connections with local suppliers and contacts, as the weather hit it was time to make calls and changes to what realistically could happen:

  • Private Breakfast in a local secret spot
  • Experience of Waitangi Treaty Grounds for some local culture
  • Leisurely lunch at one of our top local restaurants
  • Private transport now to the local luxury spa for massages and relaxation
  • After a chill out we were able to change the layout of the exclusive private spot so that it was now enclosed and not open to the elements.  The proposal was still on the cards nothing was stopping this
  • A beautiful evening happened and they got the sunset they wanted – question was popped and she said YES!!!!!!!
  • Next day booked on the helicopter flight and the dream of landing on the hole in the rock happened.

Such a happy couple,  nothing gets in our way, we make sure we have every plan and the back-up plans so you are not disappointed

Key Vendors: Omata Estate, Salt Air, Paihia Beach Hotel and Resort, JFC

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