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Friend’s Get Together

“We had the most fantastic day with the Unforgettable FUN team. The picnic setting took our breath away when we arrived. Lesley found a secret spot, that we never would have found ourselves. The food was plentiful and delicious. Lesley had also catered to our dietary requirements. The bubbly was lovely and cold, and there were a few extra treats, which was a great surprise!

The communication prior to our getaway was excellent and prepared us for our wonderful day with friends, that bought lots of fun, laughter and memories.

I recommend Lesley to organise your special event. Unforgettable Fun…. seriously the name says it all!.”

Julie Kidman


November 2021


Russell and Paihia

Bay of Islands

Customers Brief

We are a group of friends that just want to get together to have some fun.  With our busy work lives we don’t get much time to spend together and catchup.

We love the Bay of Islands and want to kick-back.  One of us is usually the organiser and end up not having the same fun as the others as we are on ‘organising duties’. I would really like for us all to not have to worry about the organising and just turn up!

We love nice food and wine,  we are also thinking of taking a heli trip as a treat for us all. Can we include something fun that we can all get interactive doing?

The Outcome

A full day of fun and frivolity took place.  What a great group of friends and a pleasure to spend time together and pull together a day for them all to spend together

What did the day look like:

  • Private transport to pick up from the various accommodation places
  • Arrive at a local secret spot to have a luxury picnic and a glass of bubbles together.  Nice chill out with a few tunes playing the background
  • It was then time to take to the air and have that amazing flight to the hole in the rock that they were all looking forward to do
  • Private transport to a local vineyard for a couple of lazy hours for wine tasting, pizza and kicking back admiring the view
  • The final part of the day was to get involved in some fun cocktail making – a little bit of competitiveness came out as the girls v boys made their special drinks

The photos say it all, lots of laughs and such relaxation for the group.  They have used Unforgettable Fun on numerous occasions this time though it was a privilege to be asked to join them in the fun, whilst also making sure everything went like clockwork

Key Vendors

Omata Estate, Salt Air, Bad Habits, Secret Picnic Location

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